TV4 Entertainment and Vimeo Announce Strategic Partnership

TV4 Entertainment to Launch Over 20 Channels Using Vimeo’s Over-The-Top (OTT) SaaS Services

TV4 Entertainment, a portfolio of genre-specific OTT channels, and Vimeo, announced a new partnership in which Vimeo will power over 20 of TV4 Entertainment’s direct-to-consumer subscription video on demand (SVOD) channels. Just in time for Veterans Day, the partnership kicks off with today’s launch of the All Warrior Network, the warrior-themed entertainment destination for millions of service members, military veterans, and core fans of the warrior genre.
With existing distribution partners that include Hulu, Amazon, AOL, SONY PlayStation and many others, the partnership with Vimeo is an important first step for TV4 Entertainment in delivering worldwide, direct-to-consumer experiences to passionate audiences around the world.
We are excited to announce this partnership with TV4. Their model of launching interested-based OTT channels targeted at tribal audiences is a perfect fit for our OTT platform. Media is changing from a wholesale based approach to having a direct relationship with consumers and TV4 is helping to push this market forward.
said Jamie Wilkinson, General Manager, Vimeo OTT Services.
We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Vimeo and VHX to take our brands directly to our millions of monthly viewers. The companies share a common vision of providing worldwide communities with programming targeted to their shared passions and we have found the ideal technology partner to further our mission.
said TV4 Entertainment Founder & CEO Jon Cody.

The first five channels will launch in 2016 and include:

  • All Warrior Network (Available Now): The All Warrior Network is the warrior-themed entertainment destination for millions of service members, military veterans, and core fans of the warrior genre. AWN aggregates, curates and creates original video content that celebrates the warrior ethos, attitude and experience and super-distributes that content across the web and mobile devices to global audiences.
  • Motorland (November 2016): Motorland is an ‘on demand’ entertainment channel for automotive enthusiasts, gear heads and everyone with a passion for classic and modern cars and motorbikes. Motorland’s content celebrates the style, power and speed of automobiles and motorcycles.
  • Gone TV (November 2016): The Great Outdoors Network is the channel for those that love hunting, fishing and the great outdoors! Now this passionate audience can be ‘GONE fishing’ or ‘GONE hunting’ on any screen anytime, anywhere, all year long!
  • BLACKBELT TV (December 2017): BLACKBELT TV – Kicks, Flicks and Chicks – a worldwide martial arts, sports and entertainment channel developed by the producer behind Mortal Kombat, that includes original programming and fights from all over the world; including MMA, Boxing, Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Kickboxing and more! Hosted by some of the world’s most beautiful women, BLACKBELT TV is available on any screen, anytime anywhere!
  • DocCom TV (December 2017): DocComTV is a curated documentary channel aimed at passionate worldwide documentary fans. With a mission is to share the planet's most interesting stories with audiences, DocComTV produces original documentary and selects the world’s best stories for documentary lovers.
Vimeo, via its VHX platform, provides an end-to-end technology solution for individual creators, niche programmers and major media partners building and distributing premium over-the-top (OTT) video channels. Sellers using Vimeo’s VHX technology get total control of their content, distribution, and customer data, so they can market effectively to their audience, scale quickly, and keep more revenue. For more information, visit
About TV4 Entertainment 
TV4 Entertainment is a portfolio of OTT channels, targeting worldwide, passionate communities. TV4 Entertainment aggregates and produces high-quality original films, and digital and television length series for distribution on TV4 Entertainment's portfolio of over 30 genre-specific Internet TV channels.  TV4 Entertainment’s mission is to program your passion with great storytelling on every screen, anywhere.  TV4 Entertainment will launch 20 direct-to-consumer channels by the end of 2017.

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