Vimeo Announces 2018 Best of the Year Winners

Action Sports
Dean Goes Surfing - Caitlyn Greene
“‘Dean Goes Surfing’ reminds us of what all action sports are about: freedom, challenge, love, and laughs. At any age and any skill level, the simple act of experiencing nature together can help make this world a better place.” - Dave Mossop, Sherpas Cinema, ‘17 Best of the Year winner
The Shivering Truth - Vernon Chatman & Cat Solen 
“‘The Shivering Truth’ is astoundingly good and delightfully absurd in equal measure. It is rare in that it manages to be dark, nightmarish and sometimes repulsive, yet somehow funny, beautiful and enlightening at the same time.” - Steve Cutts, ‘17 Best of the Year winner
Enough - Anna Mantzaris
“‘Enough’ is playful, darkly relatable, and deeply satisfying to watch. Who among us hasn't felt the urge to slap a loud man's phone right out of his hand? But it's also beautifully hopeful.” - Sarah Schneider, Saturday Night Live writer
Alone - Garrett Bradley
“‘Alone’ is a unique and powerful film about an urgent crisis in America. The story is told with a creativity and a level of intimacy that can only come from a filmmaker who is deeply connected to their subject. Garrett Bradley is a talent whose voice is much needed in the community.” - Roger Ross Williams, Oscar®-winning director
Slapper - Luci Shroder 
“In just a few short minutes, Luci Schroder takes her audiences on a truly visceral journey with this young girl, in a world so foreign, yet so familiar. It's incredibly raw, edgy, and poignant.” - Reinaldo Marcus Green, 2018 Sundance Jury Prize Winner
Eye Candy 
Young Marco - Trippy Isolator - Rop van Mierlo 
“An immensely satisfying experience and further proof that less is always more. To call this purely eye candy perhaps sells it a bit short — the rhythm and the textures create a beautiful, melancholic feeling, like we're witnessing the last glimpse of a memory before it fades away completely.”    - Jeff Hamada, BOOOOOOOM Editor
seoul_wave - Brandon Li
“‘seoul_wave’ captured the way that city is hurtling toward the future in such a visceral way. Travel videos can sometimes feel like glossy ads, but this one, from my limited experience of Seoul, got under the skin of the city.” - Jada Yuan, New York Times ‘52 Places’ Journalist
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