Vimeo Announces 2019 Best of the Year Award Winners

Vimeo today announced the 2019 Best of the Year award recipients at the Vimeo Festival and Awards in Brooklyn, NY. Vimeo's Best of the Year awards recognize exceptional Staff Picked videos from the past year across ten categories: Best Action Sports, Best Animation, Best Comedy, Best Documentary, Best Drama, Best Experimental, Best Travel, Best Branded Content, Best Brand Story: Large Business, and Best Brand Story: Small Business. This year's award winners were selected from over 100 nominees by an external jury of industry experts and thought leaders. Audiences can watch all winning films below. 
Best Action Sports
"Snowciety" - Kris Lüdi
 "This film’s playful charm gives way to a deceptively simple message: we’re all different manifestations of a shared neurosis. An unexpected, empathetic view in a fresh wrapper." - Caitlyn Greene, 2018 Best Action Sports winner
Best Animation 
"Albatross Soup" - Winnie Cheung
"A fun jigsaw of a short! This bright, trippy, riveting animation is the perfect visual for the piecing together of a mysterious, disturbing, and hilarious riddle." - Lisa Hanawalt, Creator of  Tuca & Bertie 
Best Comedy 
"Welcome Home" - Armita Keyani
"A beautifully shot short film operating on multiple levels. It subtly explores cultural presumptions and finds humor in purposefully misfired cross-communication." - Noël Wells, Actor, Writer and Director 
Best Documentary
"Accident, MD" - Dan Rybicky
"As we enter another election season, this film’s snapshot of the political conversation in one all-American town on the eve of the 2016 election feels simultaneously timely and like it comes from another world entirely. Accident, MD is a moment in time and place captured, and worth reflecting on as we head to the polls again." - Cara Cusumano, Festival Director, Tribeca Film Festival
Best Drama
"Brotherhood" - Meryam Joobeur
“‘Brotherhood’ asserts both the complexity of its characters’ and the powerful potential of its storyteller, Meryam Joobeur. Joobeur has an important career ahead of her.” - Alec Baldwin, Actor and Producer 
Best Experimental
"Idle, Torrent" - Alex Moy
“In a creative world where pushing elements to the absolute maximum is a current trend, the restrained skill of ‘Idle, Torrent’ is a breath of fresh air. In Alex’s use of impeccable transitions, perfect negative space and sound design, it’s a short which no matter how many times I watch it, I somehow find something new to gawp at and admire.” - Lucy Bourton, Deputy Editor, It's Nice That  
Best Travel
"Multiverse" - Hiroshi Kondo
“Hiroshi Kondo's Multiverse takes a brutal aspect of city life--the mechanical, concrete commute--and makes it profoundly human, and natural. Multiverse turns the endless jam of scooters into a gorgeous rushing river, and sometimes slows down to capture the particular faces of individual scooter riders. Multiverse captures what is the fundamental condition of modern urban life, which is that you are at once a replaceable, tiny piece of an unfathomably huge machine, and also a unique human being." - David Plotz, CEO, Atlas Obscura
Best Branded Content
"Exit 12: Moved by War" - Mohammad Gorjestani
“This film is about a workshop for veterans and it's not only beautifully filmed but does a powerful job in getting the viewer to understand the difficulties of war. I love this quote from the founder of the workshop who served in the war, ‘Dance and choreography has allowed me to go back and to try and make sense of both the right and wrong of what happened.’ It’s an important message on many levels, to understand the real difficulties of war and more importantly to find some release from the pain.” - Susan Hoffman, Global Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy
Best Brand Story: Large Business
"Artsy has nailed that elusive and delicate balance that most brands strive and fail at: bold storytelling that also sells a product. Their marketing videos blend craft, brand sensibilities and promotional messaging in a way that makes you love them more." - Anjali Sud, CEO, Vimeo
Best Brand Story: Small Business
"Through their use of video, Yeti Cycles consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of the passion that fuels their riders.  With eight Staff Picks to their name, Yeti has consistently set the standard for how brands can showcase what is possible when you work with the best in their craft, from storytellers, to filmmakers, to riders."  -Harris Beber, CMO, Vimeo 
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